Limited Palette Practices

Here’s a little project I started in order to get back into painting. Limited palette paintings have always been fun for me as I enjoy the challenge of only using a few colours to create an image. Combining this with my love of portraiture, I’ve got a decent, de-stressing way to end my days. 

Here’s two more I’ve started this week. I’ve gone for a feature colour in each painting so far and it’s working out pretty well. Will post up some progress shots in a few weeks. Hope y’all having a lovely week! 

Summer Glass Making

Over the summer, while I was in Hobart. My mum let me use a small kiln she has to create some glass slumps.


By cutting green, blue and red glass and then layering it in the patterns I wanted, I created these beauties!


I made textured moulds out of some clay in my mum’s studio, which the glass was laid on then fired. You can see some of the textures in the photos.


I had a lot of fun and will definitely be making some more the next time I visit!