Dot Drawings

Dot drawings are a series of works stemming from Tv Show Expressions and inspired by pixelated patterns and pointillism.

A similar process from the Tv Show Expressions was followed before a colour scheme was chosen using a maximum of four coloured texters.

The above images show the transformation from the Tv Show Expressions into the final Dot drawings pictured below. 


Handmade Books

003 (2)For a winter project, I decided to make some books. After learning bookmaking back in high school and through workshops, I’ve always enjoyed this art form. This time, I used leftover materials from university such as class handouts, lecture notes and art projects to create five small books.




Firstly, I measured and cut the covers and papers to size, then chose the fabric for the covers from scraps I’d collected after previous projects and glued the fabric to the covers. After they dried, I bound the covers together using cloth tape and positioned the papers into the books. I sewed the papers to the books with some linen thread and trimmed the edges of the paper to give it a neater look.




Below are photos of the completed books. I loved making these little books and adore how the different papers interact with each-other. I’m unsure if I’ll end up drawing in these books as they are already delightful to look at, but I’m thinking about making some more books to improve my bookmaking skills. So we’ll see!






During my final semester of University, I decided to play a game while watching tv-dramas. I’d pause the show when a close-up happened to one of the characters and draw their facial expressions. Originally beginning as a fun way to entertain myself about how dramatic some of the dramas were, I started to get more and more into it.

A black ballpoint pen was used to draw the expressions as I wanted to practice my line work and keep the features looking as simple as possible. Using some texters, I added bright colours to the character’s facial features to enhance the shape.

During this process, I also experimented with different types of paper and coloured backgrounds. Recycled paper was extremely fascinating due to the way the pattern showed through to the other side, creating a layering effect for the expressions.

Towards the end, I made a little and slightly wonky paper basket to hold all the drawings I’d made. Creating all of these was an enjoyable way to relax during a stressful semester.

Summer Glass Making: Take Two

In the summer of 2018, I was back in Hobart on a holiday and started using my mum’s small kiln again. However this time, I focused on making more lattice creations out of glass.




Taking the same process as the glass slumps last summer, I cut up red, blue, white and black coloured glass into long rectangles before arranging them onto the textured moulds.

Previously, I loved the lattice pattern I made, so it was wonderful experimenting with it in more depth during this trip. Especially with how it reflected the light after it was fired in the kiln.


I can’t wait to create more pretty glass objects next summer!

Finished: Limited Palette Practices

Recently I finished the limited palette project. It was pretty fun, a great way to de-stress during the semester and helped me get back into painting. 

Around five colours were used in each palette and some of the colours carried over into different paintings, such as the reddish brown featuring in the yellow and red paintings and the prussian blue in the blue and green ones.

Overall the project took two months, starting from a basic outline with the main colours, then adding layer upon layer to give it texture, colour and style. Here are the finished paintings! Enjoy! ❤ 

Bronze Casting

In April 2017, I participated in a bronze casting workshop at Meridian Sculpture, a foundry in Fitzroy, Melbourne. We created forms for a lost wax casting and the foundry turned them into bronze. I won’t go into detail about how a bronze sculpture is made but if you’re interested you can check out the foundry’s website here for more information. 

image_2 (9)

So during this workshop, I made Sven, the bronze griffin, originally made out of wax but then turned into bronze and finished with a vibrant green patina that doesn’t come out as much in the photos. I really enjoyed the workshop and was lucky enough to win a free workshop as a prize. I highly recommend it for anyone if you’ve got the available funds. 

Progress Shots

Here are some progress shots of the limited palette paintings I’ve been doing. I’ve started working on the bigger A4 sized, red and blue ones. So far so good!

Finished the green and yellow ones and they’re looking pretty snazzy at least to me ahaha. The photo on the right below is currently how the red and blue paintings are looking. Will continue to update you soon! 


Limited Palette Practices

Here’s a little project I started in order to get back into painting. Limited palette paintings have always been fun for me as I enjoy the challenge of only using a few colours to create an image. Combining this with my love of portraiture, I’ve got a decent, de-stressing way to end my days. 

Here’s two more I’ve started this week. I’ve gone for a feature colour in each painting so far and it’s working out pretty well. Will post up some progress shots in a few weeks. Hope y’all having a lovely week!